So, can we please talk about this picture? I mean, where did Momo found that thing? I feel so sorry for nitori right now


Turns out that Samezuka Gakuen is modeled after Kinki University (now renamed Kindai University) in Osaka.

The information was shared on the university’s website as well as their twitter, and fans have already paid pilgrimage to the site.

It’s fitting that the swimming powerhouse is based on this uni, as it happens to be the alma mater of a number of Japanese athletes, including swimmers.


my favourite thing about kingdom hearts is the fact that winnie the pooh and sephiroth from ff7 existed in the same universe like jsut remembering that there is a game that has both winnie the pooh and sephiroth in it is enough to get me through an entire day

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture 2007 | Details


at tha beach




No wonder his theme sounds like it’s from the wild, wild west. 



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rock those daisy dukes, uchyeehaw


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